About Us

bean was started after a want and desire to create authentic chocolate, using natural ingredients, and nothing else. 

We noticed a gap in the market to create handmade bars using three to four key ingredients. We set out to produce products free from refined sugars, soya and unhealthy preservatives. After much tinkering, we developed our signature milk and dark chocolate, which is wholly unique to us.

Working from a small kitchen in East London, we proudly produce all chocolate bars by hand. We're new, we're excited and we can't wait for you to try our chocolate, though we've been developing the brand now for over a year. We're a small team and we are ready to take on the world.

Our Chocolate |

We're exceptionally proud of our chocolate.

We take organic criollo cocoa nibs and grind these to a high-quality chocolate couverture using cocoa butter, unrefined sugars, and organic skimmed milk. Without giving away our exact technique, after many hours of grinding, we're left with a delicious mass ready for tempering and moulding. Towards the end of the process, we use fresh vanilla caviar, which adds to the complexity of the flavours.

Our chocolate will always remain true to the following values:

• Authentic Chocolate.
• Authentic Flavours.
• Quintessentially British.

We will never use unnatural ingredients, flavours or preservatives (pinky promise).

Our Flavours |

• Strawberries & White Chocolate
• Raspberries & White Chocolate
• Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate
• 60% Dark Chocolate
• Hazelnut & 60% Dark Chocolate
• Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate
• Salted Cinder (toffee) Milk Chocolate
• Bacon & Milk Chocolate (yes, really).

Whilst we build and gather interest around us, we're working on new amazing flavours and combinations. Tahitian vanilla salt with dark chocolate tickle your fancy? Or how about Spiced ginger and biscuit? We'll also release special single origin bars using rare cocoa bean nibs.

The possibilities are endless. You're in for a treat.

Our Packaging |

Our bars are all handmade, every step of the process from start to finish is by human hands. We're not a big corporation churning out millions of bars. We like to think we really care and this comes across.

We also hand wrap in paper lined foil for freshness, slipped inside a biodegradable box, finished with a product label and shipped in a recyclable postage box. It is about doing something well and having a little fun along the way.

Your feedback means a lot to us too, without you, we can’t learn or grow so tell us what you think!